Cause Impact

Making change happen

I set up Cause Impact to deliver integrated communications solutions to the international Third Sector: from building organisational capacity to fostering a strategic approach to communications management; from designing protocols for cohesive editorial output to generating high impact media coverage in carefully-identified target outlets, to secure support for advocacy and fundraising campaigns.

Through Cause Impact, I have had the privilege of affecting positive change for a variety of campaigns and causes, delivering projects along the following broad skillsets:

Communications Management: Using a toolkit approach to build, deliver, monitor and evaluate Comms strategies, especially for global campaigns linking stakeholders across continents (production-consumption/cause-&-effect type, for instance). In at least two instances, I have institutionalised this approach, creating a customised toolkit for the charity and leaving them with the tools, protocols and processes to use for future campaigning work;

International media: help framing, developing and placing stories that have relevance across markets, and provide text as well as audio-visual materials to generate interest in media across print, AV and digital channels;

Designing an Operational Model for Comms: I steered an inclusive, consultative process engaging practitioners at various levels of a leading international environmental NGO to create a design proposal outlining processes, protocols and frameworks for delivering comms via a redefined comms team structure;

Workshops for small NGOs keen to learn about using Comms, Media and PR for advocacy; and

Training in Working with the Media:¬†Spokespersons training, as well as training in ‘Campaigning via Media’ and how to run effective PR outreach campaigns.

Additionally, Cause Impact can contribute to your projects with highly-qualified, experienced freelancers providing:

– Design services, both print and digital

– Editorial support & media relations in English, Spanish, Arabic & Hindi

– AV Strategies, Stories and Syndication advice + Production services

– Project Management training


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