About Me

Namrata ChowdharyI am Namrata.

Much as I dislike labels for people, I recognise how they help us find and identify with each other.

I am an expat Indian who emigrated as an adult, which means I can feel at home everywhere & homesick anytime. A London suburb-dweller who grumbles about distances but never takes the privilege of safe public transport for granted.

I am a Communications professional who works exclusively in the Third Sector – the non-profit, change-making organisations working to make this world a better place, one campaign at a time. I work independently, and set up Cause Impact to help make a difference through meaningful communications. Although I am passionate about my work, I don’t allow it to define me. At least, not entirely.

I am also a dream-sharing, idea-building, co-creating change-maker.

A word-loving, rhyme-chiming, phrase-turning scribe.

A herb-growing, spice-mixing, risk-taking cook.

A Bollywood-bopping, blissfully uncaring, soul-fuelled dancer.

An indulgent aunt to three nieces and a nephew in India, multi-faith ‘Godmother’ to a kleinje in the Netherlands, and encouragingly mad Aunty to a whole bunch of beautiful little people.

I laugh loud, care deeply, and share gladly.

And I always hold on to hope, no matter what.


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