Leaving the party too late

The end of the year is always a good time to pause and take stock, and – at least in my case, and particularly this year – a time to celebrate everything that went right in the year gone by. But sometimes, the reflections are so deep, so detailed, they take time to be clear enough to be articulated.

2015 was a momentous year for me. In more ways than one. In the spirit of grateful goodbye, I would have liked to articulate my gratitude, but I was too busy enjoying the party (“squeezing the last drop of pleasure from it” as my mother says I do almost each time) to start making my goodbyes just then. Also the fact is that in some ways, for me, the New Year actually seemed to start a few days later; a lengthy trip to India ended on the 5th of January, and that seemed like a more fitting time to turn the page on 2015.

As anyone who knows me will know – for me the professional and personal are deeply intertwined. And in 2015, I found this reinforced again, as events brought me full circle and issued me both, my greatest challenge and the greatest sense of reward, in both spheres. But still, considering how much went on in the year, I guess my reflections will follow in bits and parts…The professional year that was. And what the year did to/for ME, personally.

But thank you, all of you who were part of my life in 2015. (You know who you are, and I hope I’ve made it clear how much I valued your part in my life this year!)

It was a great party. And the next one has already begun well…


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