Hope is alive in Delhi today!

Today, for me, is about Hope.

Hope is Democracy, that seems to have rediscovered its soul: honest, people-powered, class-less, caste-less and secular at its core.

Hope is an electorate that chooses to engage, that turns out – not just to campaign, but also to vote. And then stays engaged, ready to hold politicians to the promises they made.

Hope is a new page in the politics of India: powered not by the deep pockets and arrogant clout of corporate lobbyists, but by the passion, indeed the desperation, of the common people wanting change. Now.

Hope is also a new class of politicians: willing to admit their mistakes, re-group, review, re-strategise and re-emerge with clear plans and meaningful promises. And yes, they’re willing to laugh at themselves too.

Hope is a city ready for renewal. Hope is the citizen ready to clean up campaigning litter, roll up their sleeves and become partners in governance.

Hope is participation. Real, meaningful, constructive participation.1964928_648494525250311_2231204453461590538_n


3 thoughts on “Hope is alive in Delhi today!

  1. Optimism and politics are, indeed, not the most natural partners. Inspiringly put… #DelhiDecides #DelhiFirst. Now I only hope this is followed by the participation you’re (rightly) calling for, Nama.

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  2. Detracting a bit from your beautiful inspiring post but I thought you might appreciate the humour today: If Modi ever wants to know how the minorities feel, he can now just ask the 3 BJP MPs from the Delhi assembly! 😉

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